2 long range high power single shot shotguns

West Sussex, England,
March 9, 2021
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Price: £50.00
Manufacturer: no idea
Model: single shot shotgun
Gun Type: Spring
FPS: 300-350

two very nice little single-shot shotguns, not going to lie they might be cheap little single-shot shotguns but my god they can shoot far and hit hard, they can handle my heavy sniper rounds, and not only that they can outrange my snipers and any other sniper I've seen people use, they are little monsters of single-shot shotguns, keep in mind they are full plastic so they won't last forever but they are some of the most fun I've ever had playing airsoft, the look on a snipers face when they are struggling to hit someone at 80 meters out and you just walk up next to them and go "oh that guy over there?" and one pump shoot them is just priceless, they just look at you like yer sure like your going to hit anything with that cheap crap, and then dominate the field for the day with it. and yes this is a true story. the only reason I'm selling them is because I can't really do airsoft anymore. the asking price is £50pluss p and p. I can sell them separately for £30 each

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Address: West Sussex, England,
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