November 26, 2019
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Price: £500.00
Manufacturer: BOLT
Model: MK12 DMR
Gun Type: AEG
FPS: 320

- Electric Recoil System
- 320 FPS
(see full description below)

- ASG Short Dot 1-4x24 RED/GREEN Illuminated Scope.
- ASG Universal Extendable Bipod w/ 20mm Rail Mount Adapter.
- Big Dragon Rail Panel RIS Cover
- FMA AN/PEQ LA-5 Dummy Battery Case.
- FMA RVG Style Grip 20mm RIS / RAS
- Custom ‘Lone Survivor’ Style Paintjob/CAMO
- x2 140 Rnd MID Cap Magazines
- Original Packaging / Manual
- Swiss Arms Carry Case
- Gun Strap
- NUPROL LiPo Battery

RRP: £700

Despite the work put into this build I regrettably have to sell it as I have moved to a CQB site therefore it’s no longer practical. I only bought this rifle in September so it’s only been used once in the field.
Note: My local airsoft tech has fitted sniper tape to the magwell in order to prevent the common M4/M16 feeding issues. 5 Valken Mid caps mags are included, 3 of which I have had issues with but I have included them anyway.

Trade Description:
This electric-powered Airsoft replica is a DMR style rifle based on the SR-16 platform, which is a long-barreled variant of the AR family. The outer barrel assembly, handguard, receiver and various trim aspects are made from a combination of Alloy, Aluminium and Steel for a long lasting finish which provides a realistic weight, feeling extra-incredible when combined with the vicious recoil. Where Polymer has been used (pistol grip and stock) they are a high density Nylon Fiber which is a tough, quality material that feels great to the touch.

The RIF is a rear-wired design, and houses a Mini Tamiya connect at the rear of the stock. Thanks to the M16 style solid stock you have massive amounts of space inside to accommodate pretty much any battery. To access the battery compartment, simply open the door at the rear of the stock by pulling down on the spring loaded release. The handguard and receiver are 20mm railed which allows you to attach all manner of accessories, to build your dream AR platform rifle. The end of the barrel features the typical SR-16/SR-25 thread to accept a proprietary over-barrel suppressor (not included).

The Bolt Recoil Shock System (or BRSS) is the beating heart of what makes these replicas awesome, and provides a heavy, weighted recoil when you pull the trigger. This gives the user a strong recoil effect without having to mess around with gas systems which can be unreliable. The replica features a reinforced Piston which actuates an ERG style recoil mechanism in the rear of the RIF, delivering a strong kick into your shoulder every time the replica cycles. This means you get to enjoy the joy of realistic recoil, with the benefits of high capacity magazines and consistent performance. Unlike traditional 'recoil systems' which simply move the dust cover backwards and forwards, this style of recoil involves a weighted piston moving around at the rear, which brings a whole new level of realism, and feels incredibly satisfying.

Included in the box is a 300rnd High Cap magazine made to a wonderful standard, and a spare Mini Tamiya connector with wiring and extra pins, to help you either replace or extend the current wiring in the RIF.

If you're looking for a DMR-esque rifle which is based on the AR platform design, but offers something slightly different to your run of the mill M4, then the Bolt B4 MK12 MOD-1 Fixed Heavy is a great place start looking.


Bolt Recoil Shock Series
AR Platform SR16 Style
20mm Railed Handguard
20mm Railed Receiver
Huge Battery Space
Steel Gears
SR Series Threaded Barrel (Not 14mm)
Rear Wired / Mini Tamiya
Flip-Up Peephole Sights
Fixed M16 Stock
300rnd High Cap Magazine
Tough Exterior Build Quality
SR Style Flash Hider
Rear Stock Loop
Nylon Fiber Polymers
Fabric Patch Included
Hard Mechanical Recoil

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