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December 20, 2020
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Price: £645.00

Hey there people,

Large bundle sale barely used or have never used these. Some are completely brand new, some shot once or twice and one in used, but very good tiptop, condition. Reason for sale is because I want to get into building motorcycles need funds just so you know u don’t need to worry about the items not working or whatever... they’re all crisp and frosty :)

Arcturus AT-AK02 (Collectors Item) : Bought for £450 never used completely brand new just once to test in garden. Was in a display cabinet. Comes with original box, one high capacity magazine and one mid capacity magazine. Full metal very nice weight.

Ares Amoeba Honeybadger M4 : Bought for £350 has had a custom professional MTP cerakote paint applied by Taccoatings. Completely brand new condition shot twice to test. Comes with matching MTP detachable Grenade launcher and spare grenade. Also comes with vertical foregrip and 6 mags (3high, 3mid). Perfect weight full metal construction other than grip.


WE CyberGun Desert Eagle : originally bought for £230. Used a handful of times but not skirmished. Very good condition I would give you the box too but it got ripped up by my dog. I’ve got pictures to prove haha it’s literally almost completely new though. Very powerful blowback. Comes with original speedloader, original manual (managed to salvage from my dogs wreckage). Full metal design very heavy.


B&W Poseidon M92 Silver : Bought for £140. Completely Brand new with box and literally never shot just dry fired once to see if it works was saving it but realised I wanted other things... my taste is always changing haha. Full metal with very nice accurate weight to this pistol. Honestly some of the best quality I’ve seen. Very smooth action and smooth polished surface.


WE Makarov Custom : Bought for £180. Completely brand new condition very well kept and only shot inside at the bed to test. The custom parts are the professionally polished slide (usually it’s a brushed look) and this pistol is also fitted with an authentic makarov triggerguard. Comes with two magazines and a silencer.


WE M&P Compact Little Bird Black/Tan : Bought for £110. Never shot never used literally brand new. Box got destroyed same time as doggo destroyed the desert eagle box :/... comes with interchangeable back straps, extended mag adaptor.

Ruger Superhawk : Top quality used condition, bought for £170. Very smooth single and double action. Swing out cylinder working safety etc. Comes with fitted holster.


I’ll throw in some CO2 for the Ruger and also some large bottles of BBs along with a free speedloader. Will also give 3 different types of aeg batteries and a great quality charger. You get one free green gas and one free red gas.

Jack pike knife, butterfly training knife, bullet knife, knife sharpener. Ive not got any use for them so you can have them for free with your purchase.


so pretty much........

Arcturus AK02 (Two mags)

Ares Amoeba Honeybadger M4 (6 mags, vertical foregrip, Grenade launcher and spare grenade)

CyberGun Desert Eagle (original speedloader)

B&W Poseidon M92

Polished Custom Makarov (two mags, silencer)

WE M&P Compact (interchangeable backstraps, extended msg adapter)

Ruger Superhawk (fitted holster)

detachable bipod

Jack pike knife, butterfly knife, bullet knife, sharpener

Three different types of batteries and top quality charger

Two big tubs of BBs and free 150cap speed loader

x1 Redgas, x1 Greengas


please don’t hesitate to ask me if you want more info or pictures of anything specific. I do prefer for this to go as a bundle but a multiple item purchase is also alright.
please message me if you need just maybe don’t call because I’m very busy lately but yeah just drop me a message. 07495897566



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