Custom Upgraded VSR10

Lincolnshire, England,
May 14, 2020
Views: 463
Price: £425.00
Manufacturer: Cyma
Model: 701B
Gun Type: Spring
FPS: 495

Hi, I am selling my heavily upgraded cyma vsr, due to needing the money in the current situation.

The upgrades fitted are:

Springer Custom Works V9 S-Trigger

Springer Custom Works Airbraked 90 Degree Piston

Action Army M150 Spring

Maple Leaf Spring Guide

Maple Leaf Stainless Steel Cylinder  and Cylinder Head

Airpad Sorbopad

Action Army Hop Up Chamber

Maple Leaf 60 Degree Autobot Bucking

Maple Leaf 260mm Crazy Jet Barrel

Maple Leaf Omega Nub Hop Tentioner

Maple Leaf Bull Outer Barrel 300mm

Maple Leaf Bolt Handle and End Cap

2x 50rnd Magazines

Atom Optics 1-4x20 BDU Reticle Scope

Onetigris Butt Stock Pouch


The DIY mods I have done are:

Internal Suppression

Mods to Spring Guide to reduce vibrations

PTFE tape in hop unit to achieve 100% seal


This rifle is accurate up to 85/90M, I find that using .45 and .48g BBs work perfectly with the current hop setup.

The rifle has less than a 2FPS variance from shot to shot, making the rifle extremely accurate, especially when using BB weights stated above.

Due to the internal supression mods and Airbraked Piston the rifle is very quiet, almost inaudible past 15m.

The rifle has Jack Pyke Tough Tape on it as well as various artificial 3D camouflage on it.


As said I need the money for more important things due to COVID-19 - Happy to post to within the UK

For more info please message 07584 137914




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