Cyma ZM51 bolt action sniper rifle with bipod in blue + BB Pellets x1500

July 21, 2021
Views: 171
Price: £30.00
Manufacturer: Cyma
Model: ZM51
Gun Type: Spring
FPS: 310-315

ZM51 Cyma ZM51 bolt action sniper rifle bipod in blue. +Bad Ass BB Pellets 1500 X 0.20G Po
This bbgun is an excellent cheap airsoft sniper rifle

some sites in the usa are saying this gun is 415 fps

it has a great feel and its got some weight to it also it looks very stylish.

the gun is a full scale model replica made of abs plastic

I recommend this gun if you want a great quality, powerful and good looking sniper rifle at a cheap price then this is the one.


  • Name of gun: ZM51
  • Make of gun: cyma
  • Range: Accurate up to 50 meters
  • Good accuracy
  • Spring powered
  • bolt action
  • Single shot
  • Heavyweight
  • FPS: 310-315
  • ABS plastic
  • Magazine capacity xx bb pellets
  • Realistic bolt action
  • Safety catch
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