G&G Armament SSG-1 AEG Rifle, Black, Black

Cheshire, England,
June 3, 2022
Views: 161
Price: £185.00
Manufacturer: G&G Armament
Model: ssg-1
Gun Type: AEG
FPS: 335
  1. USED ONCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you haven't heard about it already, the G&G Armament SSG-1 takes their tried and tested AR Platform that has stood the test of time, and redesigned almost every aspect of the Gun to make it ideal for competitive 'Speedsoft' style gameplay. We're assuming that a great deal of you will be confused as to what you're looking at; put simply it is a crossover of Paintball / Sup Air style gameplay and competitive Airsoft gaming. This style of gameplay requires rapid trigger response, and a new kind of external design that keeps you light on your feet, doesn't get in your way and is compatible with the Paintball-style Masks that a great deal of 'Speedsoft' players wear. This Rifle isn't limited to this style of gameplay however. It is still a G&G M4 Platform rifle, which have been consistently excellent for years - not only this, but the amount of die-hard Mil-Sim players who will be wound up to no end by you using this Gun will bring you countless joy.


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Address: Cheshire, England,
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