Ghk G5 DMR Build

Somerset, England,
August 11, 2020
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Price: £258.00
Manufacturer: GHK
Model: G5
Gun Type: Gas Blowback
FPS: 410-440

This GHK G5 comes with a DMR kit installed which boosts fps significantly, all original internals,  with 400mm barrel that's included in the DMR kit.

i bought it a couple weeks ago and ran a dozen or so mags through it, gas efficiency is excellent and the rate of fire plus the kick are awesome, comes with the original leak-free magazine.

I haven't experienced any cool down venting or jams, it's the newer V2 with the reinforced lower frame, no original box.

It will take gen 2 ghk m4 mags and uses an AEG hop up rubber & barrel so upgrades are everywhere, If the fps is too high just use a shorter barrel. You can switch the charging handle over to the left side and you can operate the fire selector and mag release on both sides, for left handed people (like me) the stock folds, extends, and can be replaced with an m4 stock if you buy an adapter for about £10. It has flip up sights, the metal front sight is integrated into the rail.

You can install real AR-15 grips, or any air soft gas blow-back grips. It holds 30 rounds although you can get a G&P MAGPUL PTS 39rd P-mag and get it to run by removing the valve rocker from the mag, you could even HPA it. It doesn't have a bolt release because it works like an MP5, you lock it back and upwards then when a loaded mag is in, unlock it. It does have a bolt hold open for when you run out of ammo that you can release by racking the charging handle.

The outside of the magazine and body of the rifle are DuPont flame resistant polymer and feels rock solid. Heavy metal bolt & other internals. The receiver take-down pins are captive so you can't lose them, the barrel take down is just 2 Hex screws either side of the hand guard, shorter ones at the back, then barrel assembly is pulled out from the front. A hex key is the only actual tool you need for maintenance, you can adjust the hop up wheel with it inside which ever charging handle slot isn't being used, and you can remove the side rails with a smaller hex key.

I'm selling because i would rather have the carbine kit, in black.

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