KWA Kriss Vector GBBR

Herefordshire, England,
February 26, 2020
Views: 3513
Price: £330.00
Manufacturer: KWA
Model: Kriss Vector
Gun Type: Gas Blowback
FPS: 400

Parting with my Vector that has been used for skirmishing and served me flawlessly. Unfortunately, the lady hasn't been left without some marks, the upper had a crack at the front which has been repaired with epoxy, leaving the lamp mount unusable.

The upper has been sanded and repainted so the crack isn't visible anymore, it has no influence on the function of the gun whatsoever.

It's missing a body pin, a screw head that holds the bolt mechanism has snapped off. The iron sights are not the stock ones.

The Vector has always been well maintained, cleaned and greased, furthermore, it comes with a tuning inner barrel and an Angry Gun Power Up Silencer.

I'll throw in a 50 round Glock magazine that works without problems.

Let me know if you have any questions, i'm happy to help.

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Address: Herefordshire, England,
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