L96 Bolt action rifle

Cornwall, England,
January 7, 2022
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Price: £70.00
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: L96
Gun Type: Spring
FPS: 470

Spring powered L96 sniper rifle. Skirmished on 3 or 4 occasions at least 8 years ago and now gathers dust under my bed. Condition: used - it has a fair few scratches and marks and the biggest issue is the safety catch has snapped off so it is set with the safety off. You could change it with a tool like a screw driver to shift the remaining stub. Otherwise everything else functions perfectly. It is likely to have lost some of it's fire power due to it's age but i have listed the FPS when bought anyway. It is 60% light green as this was necessary to comply with imitation firearm laws at the time it was bought but this would be extremely easy to paint over if you want to do that. I believe the magazine capacity is 20 or 30 I can't remember and it can be used with o.2 BBs however the manufacturer recommends 0.25 or 0.3 if I remember rightly. comes with strap and adjustable collapsable bipod. If buyer collects I will drop price by £15.

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Address: Cornwall, England,
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