Warwickshire, England,
June 2, 2021
Views: 211
Price: £600.00
Manufacturer: G&G
Model: GR14 IWS ETU
Gun Type: AEG
FPS: 450-500

Im selling this custom built M21/M14. A copy of the M21 that is in cod 4 all ghillied up. Only used it once in a skirmish and personally im not a fan of using a DMR. I prefer bolt action because it's more satisfying.

Its a 60° MR silicone with Omega nub
bedded in a 510x 6.04mm AP gen1 barrel.
Lonex 16:1 and Lonex A1
ICS M120 spring
G&G external rail
G&G ETU++mosfet deans
Lonex POM piston head
Lonex enhanced gear set
Lonex M14 airseal jet nozzle
1 high cap mag
3 mid cap mags
2 kydex pouches
7.4 lipo battery

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