Mostly Upgraded Tokyo Marui L96

Durham, England,
May 16, 2020
Views: 456
Price: £200.00
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
Model: L96 AWS
Gun Type: Spring
FPS: 420

I'm selling my mostly upgraded Tokyo Marui L96. It's been upgraded with Airsoft Pro parts which are listed below.

The only thing this gun needs now is a new bucking and a nicer barrel if you wanted to change that out.

The hop up is stock, I just replaced it because I'd broken the last one when trying to upgrade the bucking. So the hop up chamber is brand new. Like I say it just needs a hop up rubber in it and itll shoot like a dream.

Last time I chronographed it it was shooting around 420fps with .2s. It has the durability with the upgraded parts to to higher than that though.

An excellent buy if you're looking for a quick upgrade gun to add to your collection!

I want 230 for the gun and 20 for postage.

Upgrade list:

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