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June 11, 2020
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Price: £79.00
Manufacturer: Multiple High Quality Brands
Model: Multiple

All PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING  and some small FREE STUFF if you ask!


CYMA CM.703 - £149

  • Completely new only tested twice in garden. Shoots very accurately.
  • Comes in original box with high quality illuminated scope and bipod included and a couple hundred BBs.
  • features easily adjustable hop up and firing at roughly 370fps-400fps and has a full metal magazine with capacity of 50 BBs. Has functioning safety and bolt action is very smooth. Very high quality rifle.
  • Open to offers

Custom Ares Amoeba Honey Badger -£299

  • Completely new only tested in the garden and been on display in my office.
  • Comes with x5 spare mags, couple hundred BBs, vertical foregrip, flip up iron sight and carrying handle iron sight, grenade launcher and x1 grenade.
  • A very smooth running rifle that is robust and almost all metal. Has had a custom professional paint job in MTP and the battery is housed in the adjustable stock. Has a mock suppressor housed within the rail/hand guard. One of my favourites. Shoots in full auto, semi and of course safe. Fires at roughly 350fps.
  • Open to offers but not too low as this rifle is in the high class in terms of quality and top performance.

B&W Poseidon M92fs Inox - £134

  • Brand new never used and comes with original box.
  • Full metal and adjustable hop up with a very smooth double action.

Tokyo Marui M92F Chrome Stainless £134

  • Brand new never used and comes with original box.
  • Constructed from ABS with metal alloy parts such as the trigger, hammer, safety switch, mag release and all internals are metal. Also one of my favourites and one of the best performing pistols out there. Adjustable hop up. 290fps.
  • Open to offers but not too low as this is a completely new and perfect pistol.

WE Px4 Storm Compact - £79

  • Brand new only used once to test in garden. Comes with large mag with pinky grip and small compact magazine.
  • Full metal slide and barrel and all moving parts only polymer lower.
  • Double action, adjustable hop up, functioning safety de-cocker.
  • Open to offers

WE P228 - £79

  • Roughly 3 months old
  • ‘Field tested’ look is as I’ve sanded it to give it some more character, not from usage so don’t be worried by this. Comes with laser sight.
  • Honestly shoots perfectly straight around up to 30meters or more and it’s a very smooth functioning gas blow back. The double action trigger-hammer system is very crisp and I know this pistol looks like it’s been through the mill but believe me you won’t be disappointed.
  • Full metal apart from the grip and adjustable hop up and also has a functioning de-cocker.

Jack Pyke - £14 (add on)

  • I also have a Jack Pyke Bowie knife to sell and I’ll do that as an add on for if you decide to buy something. If you decide to buy the CYMA or the Honeybadger I’ll add that in for free.

You won’t be disappointed in any of these as there are all completely new with no defects what so ever. Kinda sad to see most of these items go but you know how things are. Let me know if you have an offer or would like any deals for buying multiple items.

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