polarstar jack / g&g cm16 ffra2 30rps HPA

Gloucestershire, England,
May 29, 2022
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Price: £480.00
Manufacturer: polarstar
Model: polarstar jack / G&G
Gun Type: HPA
FPS: 300-500
  • 480ono.
  • Variable fps
  • hiya. this is my CQB hpa setup, ive had it since i started airsoft and built it myself and now i want a change and want to build something bigger

the gun is painted but can happily try to remove it if you want it black.

whats included...
- polarstar jack...fcu...battery...grip line.
- the gun itself.
- 1 high cap magazine.
- 1 angled foregrip(not the grip seen on the gun).
- bottle of 0.20gbbs.
- spare original barrel.
- brand new orings and a spare used nozzle(m4).
- black suppressor.

the gun has a longer inner barrel fitted. its a maple leaf 6.02. it protrudes out of the outer barrel a little bit but suppressor hides it.
new maple leaf , mr hop 50* silicone bucking.
flat nub.

i have removed the spring inside the reciever so the hop up and jack are on show

gun works fine, use it every weekend at warzone coventry. fires up to 30rps.

for videos of it in use... check out...
thefreakyghillie on instagram and youtube.


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Address: Gloucestershire, England,
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