PTS Masada

Cambridgeshire, England,
July 28, 2021
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Price: £450.00
Manufacturer: PTS
Model: Magpul Masada
Gun Type: AEG
FPS: 450

The discontinued Magpul PTS Masada, no expense spared converting this into a high standard DMR (450FPS) locked to semi.  Firing accurately with 0.36 bb's at approximately 65 metres.

Was black, spray job done at home but it has three matt lacker coats over the top which gives it a nice feel & good protection.

29th June service conducted by firesupport. great example with following upgrades:

Prometheus gears
Guarder SP140 Spring
Lonex piston
Guarder aluminium ventilation piston head
Prometheus tappet plate
Prometheus tight bore 6.03 barrel 469mm
Prometheus stainless steel cylinder
Prometheus Aero Cylinder Head
Prometheus nozzle
Titan gate Mosfet

  1. Selling as I've decided I don't like sniping.
    Looking for £450 Inc postage, not too interested in trades right now but if you have an offer you'd like to propose ill certainly consider it.

Thank you

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Address: Cambridgeshire, England,
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