Pump Action Sprung Single Shot Shotgun

Devon, England,
April 6, 2021
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Price: £100.00
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: Shotgun
Gun Type: Spring

I bought this shotgun about 8 years ago for a milsim event where the only allowed way to open locked doors was by shooting balloons with a shotgun (supposed to be breaching charges). I can't remember what brand it was, or the model, and it's not on the gun itself.

This is a pump action, spring powered single shot shotgun. The range and power on this thing is insane, and yet within most site FPS limits.

Comes with 2 magazines. Simply load them up, slide one into the front and cock it. Release the safety (yes, a shotgun with a safety) and pull the trigger. Then cock and fire again.

No original box, but will be packed into a box with padding.

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Address: Devon, England,
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