Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle

Greater London, England,
November 28, 2021
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Price: £120.00
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
Model: Desert Eagle
Gun Type: Gas Blowback

One Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Deagle with 2 x Mags.
Never been used on a field, I bought it and quickly found a Glock that I preferred and put the Deagle on the bench.
It fires perfectly, no mechanical issues.
It HAS been hydro dipped by a friend as he was starting it as a hobby, it has since been fired many times after this and no issues have arisen as a result of being dipped - just in case anybody was concerned in this regard.

There is one tiny nick to the dip, see photo 4 under the 'R' for 'Research' is engraved onto the gun.

I don't really have a reason for sale other than that I simply don't use it, I replaced it a year ago and wasn't in a rush to sell it as it's quite a chunky piece of eye candy - though there is no point allowing it to collect dust.

It is hefty & is weightier than your average pistol - though if you're not overly concerned about lightweight set ups you'll be absolute fine!

Any issues or questions by all means fire away!


Happy to deliver locally to South Essex / Dartford for free- barring that it'll be your collection, postage or paid delivery by myself (fuel prices suck sorry!).

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Address: Greater London, England,
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