Two Custom Pistols Very Rare with free stuff

December 27, 2020
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Price: £495.00

for both and the lockable case with the spare mag, holster, etc. All prices include shipping.

CUSTOM 1911 (individually £350)
Raven 1911 with custom slide and custom grips. Slide cost £110 and grips cost £35 gun originally cost £130. Had to put some work in to get the slide to fit the frame but managed to do this with some careful file work, sanding and re- polishing. Grip panels also didn’t fit so I had to do some routing work to get the screws to have enough space. The pistol is now literally perfect and has been very well kept. Never skirmished I’ve literally only emptied one mag out of this beauty just to test it. If anyone is looking to purchase this pistol please make sure you are prepared to take good care of it because you will not find anything else like it! Thanks:)
You will also get a lot of spare parts for this fun I’ve got a bunch so I’ll give them all!

WE Technology Custom G17 (individually £250)
The slide and frame were made to fit each other perfectly so this was very simple. I have a spare magazine for this pistol and it also cones with a removable rubberised grip sleeve and a hard holster. Top quality tightbore skullduggery inner-barrel.

Both items are In completely brand new condition and have been very well taken care of and never skirmished. Literally no cosmetic or functional wear or damage.

They come with the lockable case if you purchase both!!

I will only really take reasonable offers as I am not really willing to let these go easy. A lot of sentimental value and marketplace value.

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