Vega Force SCAR With 40mm Launcher

Devon, England,
April 6, 2021
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Price: £500.00
Manufacturer: Vega Force
Model: Mk16 Mod 0 (SCAR)
Gun Type: AEG
FPS: 320

I am reluctantly selling my AEG. I haven't played in about 5 years due to health issues.

This was my third AEG in my 15 year airsoft "career" it was probably my favourite gun to use, and has been a reliable bit of kit for the 8 years that i've owned it.

It is a true to real weight, so is a hefty peice of kit. I added the grenade launcher to it for cqb and milsim ops. This can be removed if unwanted, but is missing the front fixing pin (it's held on with a cable tie at present). It utilises 5.56 magazines rather than 7.62.

The gun is electric, and requires a standard AEG battery with a mini tamiya connector. I can't remember the exact FPS, but it was jsut at site limit when I last used it. The ROF is also fairly high. The rear stock is adjustable by pressing the release clip and sliding to the required length. The stock can also be folded over, for storage or CQB where a shorted gun length is required (it cannot be removed as the battery sits inside it). It has the original ironsights, these are currently folder down.

This sale comes with the SCAR, the manual, 4x Hi-cap 5.56 magazines, 4x 5.56 Magpuls, 2 optics (holo and reddot), lightweight foregrip, 40mm grenade launcher, single point sling.

If you require lo-cap magazines or 40m grenades, please see my other listings on this site.

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Address: Devon, England,
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