Very nice Bundle !

September 14, 2021
Views: 526
Price: £300.00
Manufacturer: g&g
Model: m4
Gun Type: AEG
FPS: 326

Great Bundle made for myself years ago when i played weekly. but ive changed hobby to reenactment, thats why im sellin that stuff.
Lots of bits n pieces on pictures:
Main gun:
G&G M4 Metal bodywork,
Gearbox upgraded for durability.
Optical (needs battery) with 2 mesh covers
Hand Grip
6 plastic midcaps (i choose plastic due to light weight)
1 metal Hi-cap (that i never used due to its sound while running)
Side arm:
Colt 1911 Black Water BW1991B2 with Blowback (CO2)
2 mags (good valve)
about 6 CO2 carnisters
Tactical belt with pistol holster for my lovely colt1911, bag pouch with reusable granade (2 green gas botles), 4 mag holders (2rifle mags, 2pistol mags) and soft knife for stealthy kills.
Everything else on the pictures:
knee pads, mesh helmet, arabic brown scarf, green handmade wool winter scarf, hi-vis vest, hi-vis arm strap, Ris attachment, mesh googles, rifle battery, Baofeng radio with earpiece, polish army beret, green cap, 3 mesh face coverings, food container (unwanted gift), 2 mesh bags, polish bag with US canteen, camel bag (only used for water), bag of .20 bbs, lipo battery for rifle with good charger, 3 camo nets (one hand made), green and red fake leafs, urban back bag, 2 mag holders, LOTS of straps, elastic bands, etc...

I was thinking to sell that stuff for a long time now. finally got brave enough to put it up and hope it will find a nice owner that will take care of it like i did.
Based in Ireland but can post with buyer covering postage cost. I can deliver in Irish midlands.

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